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English Spirit Trio of Spirits

English Spirit Trio of Spirits

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We've put together an exclusive trio of our favourite award winning spirits from English Spirit: English Toffee Vodka, English Spiced Rum and Sous Vide Arabica Coffee Liqueur.  All wrapped up in an eco friendly gift box. 3 x 5cl bottles of copper distilled spirit. English Toffee Vodka: A long time ago, before toffee was made with dairy, it was made by caramelising sugar: this traditional route is the one opted for when making this old fashioned toffee liqueur. English Spiced Rum: Spicing rum traditionally involved sweetening poor quality rum to mask the taste: English Spirit's is a refreshing alternative, jam-packed with luxurious flavour. Scratch distilled Old Salt Rum is infused with red cherries, hibiscus and vanilla,  plus a few other special bits that Dr J calls ‘pixie dust’. The result is a delicious English spiced rum that’s great for sipping, or as a base for cocktails. Sous Vida Arabica Coffee Liqueur: We love our coffee and English Sprit have pulled out all the stops to deliver this roasted sable gem. They distil their bespoke blend of arabica beans with creamy sugar beet vodka, before pairing with a slow cooked sous vide blend, to grab every last note of aromatic, fruity, malt-creamy goodness.

3 x 5cl

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